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In the contemporary arena of architectural creation, our style stands out with an aesthetic that combines minimalism, timelessness, and elevation. Each design is a celebration of the purity of lines, an ode to functionality stripped of any superfluity, and an expression of forms that defy time.



Minimalism is revealed in the meticulous selection of materials, the economy of means for maximum impact, and the space that is liberated rather than cluttered. Every element is intentional, every volume is considered to provoke serenity and inspire the life that unfolds within. Less becomes more, not just as an aesthetic, but as a philosophy of life.


Our uplifting designs manifest in the meticulous organization of spaces, merging open areas that infuse dynamism and encourage memorable interactions with private nooks designed for rejuvenation, relaxation, and introspection. Natural light, welcomed through generous openings to the outside, creates a harmony that promotes well-being and personal fulfillment, ensuring that our constructions become refuges of strength and clarity.


The timeless aspect is rooted in the creation of forms and spaces that transcend eras. Our designs draw from a palette of timeless concepts and textures, adapting to sites with sensitivity and creating a continuous dialogue between the interior and exterior. The environmental impact is meticulously considered, resulting in spaces that, through their design, become lasting legacies for future generations.

Our values

Our company is built on the core values of excellence, reliability, and dedication, which guide our actions and decisions. We are committed to being transparent and trustworthy partners, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the success of your project, and upholding the highest standards of professional integrity. We design spaces that meet your practical, aesthetic, and functional needs while reflecting our commitment to excellence and professional ethics.


Excellence is manifested through superior design quality, innovation, and attention to detail. It ensures that projects not only meet the functional and aesthetic needs of clients but also surpass them.


Reliability involves transparent and regular communication, allowing clients to stay informed and engaged throughout the process. It also translates to the ability to anticipate and resolve issues proactively, ensuring the smooth progression of the project.


Dedication is demonstrated through a total commitment to the client’s vision and objectives. This means working tirelessly to transform ideas into reality while respecting the specific constraints and requirements of the project.
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François L.-Faubert, T.P. Arch.


Born into a family where the art of woodworking and carpentry has been passed down through generations, he inherited a rich tradition of craftsmanship, skill, and resourcefulness. This heritage instilled in him an inherent curiosity for architecture and construction, leading him to delve into the intricacies of space design.

From Vision to Tangible Reality

In his work, he adopts a personal perspective, dedicating himself to each project as if it were his own. With abundant creativity and a sharp sense of organization, he excels in both design and residential project management, having been exposed to construction sites from a young age. This early exposure forged his practical understanding of building and prepared him to pursue advanced training in architecture. This training has enabled him to successfully lead numerous construction and architectural projects, reflecting his passion for transforming concepts into tangible realities.

Light, Warmth, Intimacy: Unique Living Spaces

He designs living environments where natural light is a key player, orchestrating open communal spaces that encourage conviviality and sharing. Each room is thoughtfully designed to maintain a fluidity and aesthetic that embodies minimalism, functionality, and modernity. Simultaneously, he creates private and secluded havens within the same home, offering tranquil nooks where one can isolate, recharge, and feel transported elsewhere while staying at home. In his vision, each room is much more than just a space; it’s a catalyst for the potential of its inhabitants. His designs are meticulously crafted to inspire creativity, enhance concentration, and promote well-being. The communal spaces, bathed in light and openness, are fertile grounds for idea exchange and collaboration, fostering interaction and social flourishing. Meanwhile, the private nooks provide a sanctuary for reflection and introspection, allowing individuals to reconnect with themselves and recharge.

Exploration Through Books, Travel, and Melodies

Outside of his work, he is an avid reader, constantly seeking to enrich his knowledge. His love for sports and travel provides him with a diverse perspective and a constant source of inspiration, while his passion for music adds a rhythmic dimension to his life.
Ultimately, for François, each project is an opportunity to make a positive impact on both the world of architecture and the lives of his clients.

Jérôme St-Onge

Business Development

A family man and seasoned investor with an education in Project Management, Jérôme is the person you need to bring your plan to fruition, ensuring that every cent is accounted for and every deadline is met. Passionate about numbers and strategy, he will devise a custom-made plan that reflects your desires and expectations, making necessary adjustments to the external and internal environment to deliver a project exactly as you want it, when you want it.

Strategy and Organization

A strategist and consultant who has served on the boards of companies in the agricultural technology sector, he aims to leverage his experience in managing complex projects to make yours simple and frictionless.

Communication and Accessibility

Graduated in communications, Jérôme is always ready to brainstorm and exchange ideas; he wants to continuously discuss your project with you, not dictate its terms – and this begins with easy and accessible communication. In a world where unimaginative concepts abound and the client is just a number among many, the Archetype experience is one of a bespoke and turnkey project, with our ear attuned to your needs.

Attention and Flexibility

Our company philosophy is to remain lean, mobile, and flexible to maximize the time and attention dedicated to each of our client partners. Give it a try—call Jérôme or send him an email right now, and see for yourself a glimpse of the support you will enjoy throughout the realization of your dream project.