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Distinctive realizations

Discover our most remarkable projects, where every detail reflects our distinctive style and architectural aspirations. These exclusive designs are a testament to our commitment to creating unique and inspiring spaces.

expérience archetype


In a strikingly modern setting, this house embodies the harmony between minimalism and brutalism with an aesthetic that is both robust and refined. – The rectangular structure and flat roof highlight an avant-garde architectural approach, while the vast glass openings flood each room with natural light and offer breathtaking views of the serene surroundings. – Warm wood, elegant concrete, and industrial steel combine to create a rich and varied tactile experience, with every detail meticulously designed to blend functionality and form. – More than just a living space, this home is a habitable work of art, ideal for executives or art collectors, providing a modern retreat and a transcendent investment that is both practical and aesthetically captivating.
expérience archetype


Situated in a suburban setting imbued with modernity, this house embodies contemporary elegance with its rectangular structure and flat roof reflecting an avant-garde architectural vision. – The vast glass openings flood each room with natural light, creating a welcoming ambiance. – Warm wood, the robustness of stone, and the industrial shine of steel combine to offer an exceptional visual and tactile experience. – Every carefully thought-out detail merges functionality and aesthetics. – This house is a habitable work of art, ideal for design enthusiasts and aesthetes, perfectly combining practicality and beauty, making it a privileged choice for a unique and inspiring investment.
conception maison de prestige


This modern residence harmoniously marries Scandinavian and contemporary styles, with clean lines and vast open spaces that integrate light and nature. – Using materials such as wood, masonry, and steel, it offers an aesthetic that is both robust and refined. – Light grey tones and darker shades create a soothing and contemporary ambiance. – The fluid layout promotes family living while offering distinct spaces for relaxation. – This haven of peace is ideal for entrepreneurs or executives seeking to escape urban hustle, blending modernity and luxury in a tranquil and innovative setting.
expérience archetype


Perched in a dense forest, this modern minimalist house embodies communion with nature. – Designed for a client seeking a private sanctuary, its robust concrete walls and vast windows create a dialogue between the cozy interior and the surrounding forest. – A path winds through a verdant landscape, preparing visitors for a tranquil experience. – The structure, with its clean and simple lines, harmoniously integrates into the forest setting, while the windows capture natural light, filtering the rays for a play of light and shadow. – This project demonstrates our commitment to overcoming architectural challenges and enriching the environment, offering the client a personalized retreat that reflects their love for nature and thoughtful design. – It is proof that our passion for quality architecture and determination can transform daily life into something extraordinary.
expérience archetype


Nestled in a serene green garden with a pond, this modern black wood house embodies Scandinavian architecture with its formal simplicity and clean colors. – Designed with a minimalist spirit, this project harmonizes bold aesthetics and functionality. – The house combines the deep black of the wood with the transparency of large windows, flooding the interiors with natural light and framing stunning views of the garden and pond. – The choice of black wood and the integration of bay windows required particular expertise to ensure durability and insulation without compromising aesthetics. – This project highlights our ability to overcome challenges while creating a smooth connection between the interior and exterior.
conception maison de prestige


Nestled in the tranquility of a dense forest, this house embodies modern minimalism and connection with nature, with its robust concrete walls and vast windows creating a harmonious dialogue between the welcoming interior and the surrounding forest. – The open terrace on the second floor, offering a stunning view of the forest and lake, is an ideal haven for relaxation and evening gatherings. – This project demonstrates our commitment to overcoming architectural challenges and achieving respectful and enriching visions for the environment. – For the client, this house is a personalized sanctuary, reflecting their love for nature and appreciation for thoughtful design. – For us, it is further proof that our passion for quality architecture and determination to overcome obstacles can transform daily life into something extraordinary.
expérience archetype


This residence embodies the quintessence of modern and minimalist design with its bold triangular shape and organic materials that blend harmoniously into the surrounding nature. – Crossing the threshold, a vast open area combining kitchen, living room, and dining room welcomes you. – Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and offer panoramic views of the forest, creating a living backdrop. – The materials used, such as rich wood and polished concrete, combine aesthetics and durability, while steel adds an industrial touch. – Designed for those seeking to escape urban tumult, this house offers a refuge of calm and serenity with an open architecture that promotes a smooth flow of air and light.
expérience archetype


In the urban heart, this minimalist house harmoniously blends with its city surroundings through concrete and wood construction, chosen for their robustness and natural integration into the urban landscape. – Large windows frame city views, capturing daylight and transforming each interior into a living painting, evolving with the seasons and urban rhythms. – Concrete is articulated with a sleek solidity, while wood brings warmth and naturalness, a subtle echo to natural elements in an urban setting. – Respecting the integrity of its environment, this house creates a functional and inspiring living space, dissolving boundaries between interior and exterior to offer a sanctuary of peace and tranquility in the heart of the city.
conception maison de prestige


Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this Scandinavian-designed house, where modernity and simplicity create a luxurious residence in the heart of the forest. – Designed to rejuvenate away from urban hustle, it offers a peaceful retreat with its large windows and open spaces, maximizing natural light and views of the surrounding nature. – Natural materials like light wood reflect the minimalist elegance of Scandinavian architecture, contributing to an atmosphere of calm and well-being. – Every detail promotes relaxation and connection with nature, making this house the ideal place to recharge, where discreet luxury and harmony between interior and exterior invite you to live in peace with the rhythm of the forest.
maison minimaliste et édifiante

Quiet Colossus

Where the pines majestically rise towards a sky often veiled in clouds, there is a modern and minimalist concrete house, a sanctuary of tranquility and silent power. – The striking contrast between the black and white facade emerges as a symbol of timeless elegance, accentuated by the large natural rocks in the surrounding landscape. – This simple and bold color palette complements the greenish hue of the pines and the perpetual grey of the sky. – The open interior promotes fluidity and freedom, with each area naturally flowing into the next without obstacles, creating an ambiance of peace and calm. – More than a residence, this house is an affirmation of harmony between man and nature, offering a unique living experience for those seeking to escape daily tumult and find themselves in a setting of absolute serenity.
expérience archetype


In the heart of a dense forest, stands a house with bold simplicity: a triangular structure that harmoniously merges with the surrounding nature. – Its minimalist architecture and raw materials testify to a respectful balance with the environment. – The open layout promotes a smooth flow of air and light, with each living space offering a unique perspective on the outside while ensuring continuity and coherence. – More than a living space, this house is a sanctuary of calm and serenity, embodying the perfect harmony between modern architecture and wild nature, offering a peaceful refuge to recharge and reconnect with the raw beauty of nature.
conception maison de prestige


This triangular residence is an architectural feat that harmoniously integrates modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist styles. – Its bold design and striking geometric shapes embody innovation and originality. – Using materials such as wood, masonry, and steel, the house combines robustness and refinement, with subtle tonal contrasts that enhance its unique and attractive character. – Ideal for tech innovators or art collectors, it offers a sanctuary of tranquility and style, where robustness and delicacy meet in perfect balance. – This house is a resolutely modern living experience, anchored in its natural environment.